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Print For Venues – Because you’ll need stuff on your walls, and in people’s hands!
While it’s true that the vast majority of your audience will be online, there is still a very important role for print media to play.
A venue that is plastered with terrible posters and low quality fliers suffers. People see it day in day out and it’s almost considered to be part of your decor – and for a lot of venues it’s decor they would not particularity choose!
We understand that cool, vibrant posters on the wall create a cool, vibrant vibe throughout the whole venue. It’s also of course a superb way of promoting your events! If people can whip out their phone and scan a QR code to buy tickets they usually will!

We produce dozens of unique high quality designs every week for live music venues. It’s how Gigsville was founded and an area in which we believe we are the best.

Posters, Gig Guides, Fliers…

Whether it’s a monthly A5 Gig Guide or a one off large format wall banner, we’ve been there, done that and enjoyed creating it!
We see posters as art, they should be beautiful, but also we have the experience to know that a poster is also there to do a job – Is it legible in low light? Does it have a QR code to scan for tickets? Is it the right file type and specification for the printers?

  • We use qualified graphic designers for all our print for venues
  • We’ll source the right printing solution for you
  • Here at Gigsville we truly believe that we produce more bespoke gig and event print work than any other company in the UK. With hundreds of projects completed

Don’t be surprised if after a gig people want to take our posters home with them. It happens often and always makes us smile!
All we generally need to know to create posters and fliers is the basic info. Name & date of event, time of doors opening, admission. We can generally do the rest, finding high resolution imagery to use, band logos etc.

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